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One Control Distro All in One Pack Black

One Control

One Control Distro All in One Pack Black OC-PD-BK-A10

One Control Micro Distro Solo and Micro Distro All In One Pack:

The One Control "Distro" is your one-stop shop to power your pedalboard in a quiet and efficient manner. This unit gives you the ability to power up to nine effects pedals with 2000ma current draw total, including one power outlet that varies from 12-18v output to experiment with your pedals that can run at higher voltages (and a "sag" knob to experiment with lowering that voltage). This incredibly small unit takes up very little space on your board, with the ability to "link" units together for additional power requirements such as powering 18 pedals! You can use many standard 9v center negative power supplies to power the Micro Distro, but we recommend our EPA-2000 high capacity adapter for best results. Check out the sleek and sexy CNC carved aluminum case, which is incredibly durable as well as extremely compact. Our unit is quiet, efficient, and emits very little heat even when in use for long periods of time, and is also designed to be as quiet as possible to provide the least noise into your precious signal chain. And just in case you plug into a bad power circuit, the Micro Distro is designed to protect your board from overload. Choose either the Micro Distro Solo, or go all the way and get the full package with the Micro Distro All in One Pack - which gives you the rock solid EPA-2000 power supply and 4 varying length of power cables (9 total) so you can wire and power your whole board!  


Compact Power Distributor

•       Power up to 9 effect pedals

•       Eight 9V outputs

•       One 12-18V SAG adjustable output (max. 50 mA)

•       Maximum 2,000 mA

•       Low noise and low heat dissipation

•       LINK Feature: connect DISTRO units to power up to 17 effect pedals

•       Recommended Power Supply: EPA-2000 (not included)

Compact Power Distributor All-in-one Pack. Includes :

•       DISTRO-BK

•       EPA-2000 power adapter

•       Cables :

-        1 × DC-15-LS

-        3 × DC-30-LS

-        3 × DC-50-LS

-        2 × DC-70-LS