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One Control Minimal A/B Box

One Control

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One Control Minimal Series AB Box

Use the Minimal AB Box to control the direction of your signal path in order to select amps, mute your signal, control what effects you’d like to use, and various other uses. 

The AB Box has one input and two outputs. Plug your guitar into the input and then run out from the A and B outputs to your desired destination. 

Use the Minimal AB Box as a Mute/Tuner switch. Connect your tuner to one of the two outputs and you'll take your tuner out of your signal chain when you are playing. Even without a tuner connected to the AB Box it can act as a basic mute switch. 

The Minimal AB Box can also be used as an input selector. For example if you regularly switch guitars while playing live, plug two guitars into the two outputs and run from the input to your amp. That being said the inputs and outputs can be used in both directions. 

When the switch is pressed in the outputs will be toggled and also the red and blue LEDs will indicate which output is currently being used. The Minimal AB Box can also be used without a power supply however; the LEDs will not be active. 

In Use
The AB Box works similar to most AB Boxes, however the One Control AB Box has a few unique features. For example,  the AB Box can also be used as an input selector. If a guitarist regularly uses two guitars while playing live, both guitars can be connected to the AB box and toggled between the two by pressing down on the switch. 

Of course the AB Box works just like other AB Boxes as well. So if you are in need of a high quality AB Box that is durable and low noise, the One Control AB Box is a great choice. 

Weight : 140g
Size : 38W X 94D X 32H mm without switches/jacks
Size : 54W X 101D X 48H mm with switches/jacks
Power Supply : 9-volt center negative