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One Control Minimal Series Tuner with BJF Buffer-Tune Powered by Korg

One Control

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One Control Minimal Series Tuner with BJF Buffer-Tune Powered by Korg OC-M-PT

Step up to the industry standard in tuning technology with the OC Minimal Series tuner! This unit is a joint project using One Control manufacturing, the amazing Bjorn Juhl BJF buffer circuit, and the best tuning technology in the business - the Korg Pitchblack tech. The OC MPT is one of the smallest tuners available and takes up very little of your precious pedalboard real estate, while providing you with the rock solid tuning stability of the proven Korg tuning tech as well as the BJF buffer circuit to enable you to run as long a cable as you wish back to your amp or rack. We recommend using this tuner at the end of your signal chain, as it makes a great mute switch to quiet your rig during tuning, and the buffer circuit helps maintain your tone and signal levels running back to your rig. You get a large display screen, three different tuning modes, and easy calibration to a wide range of pitch requirements. Step up to our first collaboration with Korg, BJF, and One Control and experience the finest tuner in the smallest size ever created!

Tuner Pedal with BJF Buffer Circuit

•       Tuner powered by KORG (PitchBlack Mini circuit)

•       Large display screen

•       3 display modes: Regular, Strobe, Combined

•       Calibration settings for a wide range of concert pitches

•       Incorporates the BJF Buffer circuit

Just a note
Personally I use the Tuner first on the demoboards mainly to keep first cable as only capacitive load and consistently so
( there are no Fuzz Faces on the demoboards)