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Porter Jazz Bass Pickups Set

Porter Pickups

The Porter Jazz Bass Pickup Set features AlNiCo 5 magnets and black covers. Our standard wind for this set results in a nice fat and punchy sound you expect from a good end jazz pickup, with plenty of clarity and classic tones. Our goal with the wind was to product a nice and tight sound, while providing a good representation of the tones so many love about the J pickups. These pickups are very responsive to how you play technique wise.

Buy these if…


  • You’re looking for more versatility out of your Jazz Setup.
  • You play a variety of styles and need more snap from your notes.
  • You need a pickup that is very touch sensitive to how hard you play
  • Spec info:42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire.

Cloth Wiring

Neck 8.8k Bridge 9.2k