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Porter Pickups 1960s Single Coils Set-Aged White

Porter Pickups

Porter Pickups 1960s Single Coils Set-Aged White

Neck 5.7k, Middle 5.9k Bridge 6.4k  Cloth Wiring

Porter 1960’s Strat® set features staggered AlNiCo 5 magnets and are wound with the same spec dark purple 42 AWG wire used on vintage 60’s pickups. With these pickups, you get the classic tones of the 60’s, and they are great with everything from blues to classic rock and soloing. They offer sice even tones, and a killer vintage vibe. For the vintage 60’s diehards, these pickups are made just for you.

RWRP middle pickup. Standard vintage staggered magnets.

Buy these if…
  • Great for SRV, Hendrix tones
  • You’re looking for the classic vintage strat tone
  • You need more sustain form your guitar