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Porter Pickups Gatekeeper Drive GK-Drive

Porter Pickups

Porter Pickups Gatekeeper Drive GK-Drive

Versatile Clean Boost to Medium Gain Drive

The Gatekeeper drive is a versatile overdrive pedal that works well with all pickup types and is a secret weapon for your pedalboard. It features medium gain capabilities and can also be set as a boost pedal thanks to the versatile sweep of the tone and gain knobs paired with the lift/clip switch. Keep it as a clean transparent boost to fatten up your signal or use it for leads and riffs with the gain cranked.

The goal with the pedal is simple: We wanted it to do several things and do them well.  As you try different pickups, you will further see the ability of this pedal to thrive in any playing situation. It pairs well with other pedals (before or after) and can find a spot on any players board. We encourage experimentation with the gatekeeper drive to find your unique sound. 


  • Lift/Clip switch: lifts diodes for a fuller sound
  • Tone knob: Active tone control that follows a low pass filter that
  • boosts treble.
  • Gain knob:  Sweeps from clean boost to medium gain 
  • Volume knob: unity around 2 o’clock 
  • Use a standard 9 – 18 volt negative center DC adapter.
  • DO NOT EXCEED 18 volts!
  • Current draw 10ma