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Porter Pickups WRH Chrome Set of 2

Porter Pickups

Porter Pickups WRH Chrome Set of 2

The WRH humbuckers are a standard humbucker sized version of our full sized WR pickups. We feature the same coil design, winds and magnets just in the smaller humbucker package. These pickups have great clarity and BIG clean tone. With the overwound bobbins, they do very well taming bright guitar and respond nicely to volume changes. Notes on these pickups just out very quickly, and the y cover a great range from high to low end without getting too much one way.

The WRH humbuckers are only currently available in 49.2 string spacing. While the bridge position may not match up with the open poles, you should not experience a volume drop or loss.

Ready to drop in any standard humbucker guitar.

Neck 8.7k

Bridge 10.5k