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Providence ProVolt 9 Power Supply


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Providence ProVolt 9 Power Supply


Short Protection & Auto Recovery

If any of the Provolt9 DC outputs are accidentally shorted, this feature protects the internal circuitry from damage while keeping all other outputs active. When the cause of the short is removed the affected output will recover automatically and normal DC supply will resume.

Auto Voltage Controller Delivers Ideal Output for Each Effect Device

Although the output from most power supplies designed for use with effect pedals is 9 volts DC, the output from a brand new battery can be anywhere from about 9.4 to 9.8 volts. It’s a small difference, but it can mean a noticeable change in sound quality. The Provolt9 Auto Voltage Controller ensures that approximately 9.6 volts DC (equivalent to a new alkaline battery) is consistently supplied to booster, overdrive, distortion, and other low-power-consumption effect pedals that need to deliver outstanding dynamic performance. That 0.6 volt difference can be a significant sonic advantage.

Double Filtering for Refined Sound

Double Filtering on each of the Provolt9 outputs ensures exceptionally clean power supply. Clean power is essential for highresolution, refined sound.

Star Grounding Suppresses Hum

In most power supplies with multiple outputs the DC output jacks are simply connected in parallel – a configuration that increases the likelihood of hum. The Provolt9 employs star grounding that effectively suppresses hum for clean, high-quality sound.

Main Specifications

●Input: DC12V
●Output: DC9V x 6 (100mA each, max.)
5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connectors (jacks)
●Polarity: Center minus (-)

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