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Radial BigShot ABY True-Bypass Amplifier Switcher


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 Radial BigShot ABY
True Bypass Guitar Amplifier Selector

The Radial BigShot ABY is a guitar amplifier selector that lets the player transition between two guitar amplifiers on stage for the ultimate tonal range.

The Radial BigShot ABY is extremely compact yet built with 14-gauge steel to handle the most abusive environments while providing added stability on the floor and reduce sliding. Two footswitches are prominent on the stepped top surface: the first is labeled toggle to select between the two amps for typical A-B switching and the second is labeled both to activate both amps at the same time.

There are many ABY switchers on the market, but most are either too expensive for the average player or fall short of key functions that are required to achieve a sonically quiet and professional results on stage. In fact all ABY switchers under $100 seemed to place the priority on light displays and completely miss the target with respect to eliminating buzz and hum caused by ground loops, they do not have true bypass switching, and are completely devoid of features that solve phase alignment problems that are always present when connecting various amplifier brands together.

Radial listened to what the pros liked about the high-end Radial Tonebone Switchbone ABY and set about applying as many of the critical features into the BigShot ABY as they could. The BigShot ABY hits the mark by providing a host of user-friendly facilities that will be appreciated by the average player such as a separate tuner-out and a ground lift, while also incorporating solutions that will be of significant importance to the professional such as true-bypass switching, transformer isolation and 180º polarity reverse.

The BigShot ABY is equipped with four ¼" jacks: the input that connects the guitar; a tuner output that can drive a tuner, and two outputs labeled A and B. Output B is equipped with a switch-able isolation transformer that eliminates hum & buzz caused by ground loops. Also, once engaged, the polarity reverse switch becomes active allowing the player to line up the two amps in phase. A ground lift is also provided to further reduce hum & buzz problems.

The BigShot ABY is 100% passive for true bypass performance.