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Radial BigShot EFX True-Bypass Amplifier Switcher


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 Radial BigShot EFX
True Bypass Effects Loop Selector

The Radial BigShot EFX is a foot activated true-bypass switch that enables guitarists to insert effects pedals into their signal chain and remove them when not in use.

The BigShot EFX features two separate effects loops, each equipped with foot switch selector, 1/4" input and output connectors and ground lift to reduce hum & buzz caused by ground loops. It is important to note that the BigShot EFX is 100% passive to assure 100% true bypass hard switching for pure signal transmission from the guitar to the amp without loading of any kind. The BigShot EFX is particularly advantageous on guitar pedalboards as it removes noisy and non-true-bypass pedals from the signal chain when not in use. Made from 14 gauge steel, the radial BigShot EFX is built tough to handle years of abuse and is supported with a 3 year transferable limited warranty.

The BigShot EFX is 100% passive for true bypass performance.