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Radial BigShot PB1 Class-A Power Booster and Buffer


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 Radial BigShot PB1
Class-A Power Booster and Buffer

The Radial PB1 BigShot power booster is a high performance low-profile pedal that at once equips the guitarist with 12dB of pure signal boost at the stomp of the foot and adds the benefit of signal buffering to the pedal chain to reduce noise.

According to company president Peter Janis: "More and more guitarists are going back to their roots, using vintage style amplifiers for their clean sound and loading up the pedalboard to create the tonal textures they need to perform. The advantage here is greater flexibility however the downside is usually more and more noise as pedals are added. The only way around the problem is to introduce a high quality buffer into the signal chain. The BigShot PB1 is a combination power booster plus buffer that employs Radial's unique Class-A buffering circuit. This assures the natural tone of the instrument is retained while lowering the impedance further advantaging the user by allowing long cable runs. Best of all, the PB1 employs the same high quality boosting circuit found in our more expensive Tonebone pedals that players have been begging us to produce. Beg no more! The PB1 provides both buffering and variable boost in a compact and musically transparent device."

Made from 14 gauge steel, the BigShot PB1 features a compact 3" square footprint to make maximum use of the pedalboard. Connections are simple ¼" in and out. Recessed on the connector panel is the power booster gain control. The unit is powered with a standard 9v adaptor.