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Recovery Effects Dirty Murals

Recovery Effects

Recovery Effects Dirty Murals Reverb and Delay

Dirty Murals delivers complex delay and reverb with powerful controls for each, in a small 125B enclosure. Two distinct delay and reverb styles create a variety of rich, lush, ambient, textured sounds.

The first mode offers a modulated “oil can” style delay with shorter, vintage style repeats, paired with a small room reverb. The second mode delivers long, high fidelity, analog-style delay with a large hall reverb. The reverb level can be dialed to taste or completely removed in either mode, allowing it to function as a traditional delay pedal. The reverb can be boosted while keeping the mix low, generating the effect of a reverb with an adjustable pre-delay. 

The Dirty Murals will quickly become an essential part of your sound. It is your go-to delay and reverb solution in a small size that will free up space on your pedalboard by combining the perfect delay and reverb in one device.

Enclosure size: 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39"