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Red Witch Pedals Fuzz God IV

Red Witch

Sold out.

Red Witch Pedals Fuzz God IV

The Most Dial-able Fuzz on the planet.

Dual NOS Silicon BC109 transistor Fuzz featuring the crazed switchable oscillation of Fuzz God II's "Wrath" coupled to a germanium diode Octavia and finally rounded off with an internal 8 way DIP switch allowing for 264 different tone and gain combinations.

Imagine a Fuzz sound.

The Fuzz God IV can do it 


- 3 tiered foot-switches control effect engage (left hand), Octavia (centre) and wrath oscillation (right). 

- Tri colour LED indicates pedal mode - Red (Engaged), Blue (Octavia), Green (Wrath), Violet (Fuzz with Octavia), Cyan - Fuzz with Wrath), White (Fuzz with Octavia and Wrath). 

- Volume control sets the pedal output. 

- Fuzz control determines how much or how little fuzz you have. 

- Wrath control sets the frequency of the oscillation note. This control interacts with Fuzz and Sputter 

- Sputter control allowing direct control of transistor bias - clockwise for smooth, silken fuzz, counterclockwise for gated, sputtery angst. 

- NOS BC109b and BC109c transistors as used in multiple classic early 70's Fuzz pedals. 

- 8 Way DIP switch - 6 different tone settings and 3 different gain settings.

 - Top mounted toggle switches can bypass internal DIP settings (Gain toggle bypasses to maximum gain, Tone toggle bypasses to max treble setting). 

- Germanium diode based Octavia effect (only useable when Fuzz is engaged (left foot-switch) 

- True Bypass 


- Current Draw: 42ma 

- Runs from external regulated DC 9 volt power supply fitted with 2.1mm tip negative plug. No battery option.

 - Dimensions: 127mm (5 inches) x 95mm (3 31/4 inches), x 60mm (2 3/8 inches)

 - Weight: 570 grams (1.256 pounds)

This is by far the best fuzz pedal I’ve ever owned/ played. Red Witch knocked it out of the park with this one I would buy from them again! - Adam G.

 By far THE most versatile FUZZ on the planet. Mine arrived safely a while ago in Germany. - Stew C.

 I just got this pedal today and immediately got lost in it. I haven't even moved to the dip switches yet. It's so good.  - Billy R.