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Replicator D’Luxe Tape Echo


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Replicator D’Luxe Tape Echo

The Replicator D’Luxe is a sum up from all the knowledge, we have built up over the years, making Tape delays.

It is a 2 head machine. The drive mechanism has been updated with a noiseless belt drive. A tape lock/release mechanism is added, to make the pinch wheel and tape last longer and electronics has been tuned to perfection.


  • Multiple Playback-heads for true analog tape echoes

  • One Record head and two playback heads. Short Head for slap back delay. Long head for longer modern delays, or combine both heads for a semi Delay-Room experience

  • Delay time Short head =108 – 520mS. Delay time long head = 215 – 1000 mS

  • Tap tempo for Long Head and half the time for the short head

  • True Bypass switching with a gold plated relay

  • New motor suspension with belt drive, for reduced noise operation

  • New Tape deck lock-mechanics to protect pinch roller and tape for longer life span

  • All analog signal path from input to output

  • Power supply with exchangeable blades 90-240 Volt, and an extra tape cartridge included

  • Input impedance @ 1KHz > 500K ohm
    Output impedance @ 1KHz >1K ohm
    Power supply (included) 12V DC, center negative
    Current draw @ 12V DC 300mA
    Maximum input signal V p-p 8,7V p-p (12dBu)
    External connectors input, output, DC inlet
    Controls delay time, feedback, delay level, saturation, kill dry, short, long, on/off, tap tempo
    Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 80 x 174 x 175 mm / 3,15 x 6,85 x 6,89 in
    Weight excl. packaging 1,50 kg / 52,91 oz