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Revv Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive

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Revv Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is the tonal culmination of a lifetime in music. Shawn not only needed a practical tone tool to give him the right sound quickly in any musical context – he aimed to combine the greatest vintage amp tones & recorded guitar sounds of all time into one ideal sound. Now that tone is available to you in an award-winning compact 9v double pedal with a unique Tilt Boost.

The sound in Shawn’s head is a cranked single-channel vintage amp – but not any single amp. His ideal tone takes the best part of each great example & tweaks it to suit his personal guitar style. For Shawn a guitar tone has to have the right mids to cut through the mix & feel great to play – all while cleaning up great with your hands & your guitar’s volume knob. The Drive Circuit of the Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive takes you anywhere from edge of breakup to an all-out solo tone with a musical distortion that always inspires. Note clarity, organic feel, & record-ready cut are the hallmarks of this unique drive you have to play for yourself.

To make the pedal as versatile as possible Shawn needed a great boost – but he had encountered something trying different boosts. Totally clean boosts… aren’t. When adding level there’s a low end buildup that makes your tone bloated. The opposite of what you want! That’s where the Tilt Boost comes in. Strategic frequency choices to taper low end & an internal 18v mod for high headroom let you achieve anything from precision tone sculpting to an authentically transparent boost. Use it to get more of the killer tone you already love or add sparkle to a rig that needs a little help. Solos with the Tilt Boost really cut, but you could also use it always-on for more clarity & a punchy feel. It’s even inspired Shawn to approach how he sets his amps in new ways integrating the Tilt Boost. There’s just one problem: once you hear it, you’re not going to want to turn it off!

Shawn’s signature pedal was rigorously tested & designed to work with any guitars & gear. It is equally at home with single coil-equipped bolt-ons & thick humbucker set-neck guitars. It can be used as the centerpiece of your entire guitar tone or as a sculpting tool to bring your rig to life. Use creative gain-staging between the two circuits to set the perfect tones right at your feet. Build a fly-rig around it or use it to fine-tune your studio tones. Low or high gain – at home or with a band – you’ll always have the right tone for the job. The boost even works great into high gain amps for metal!

The end result is a versatile, touch-sensitive amp-voiced drive & useful multi-voice Tilt Boost in one compact double pedal with a unique record-ready sound for Shawn & for you. Designed to be both the core of your entire guitar sound you can take anywhere & a useful tool to upgrade your existing setup.

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive adds an all-new record-ready tone to your palette that expands your recording & performance capabilities while channeling Shawn’s 30+ years of professional guitar experience into a combination of the best recorded guitar sounds in history. Not only was it developed by a AAA session musician who always has to have perfect tone – it’s designed to bring out the best of each player who plugs in. It drops right into your rig to produce Shawn’s trademark clear, balanced overdriven sounds. Check out Shawn’s signature pedal to find the sound in your head with an all-in-one solution to your guitar tone.

  • Versatile touch-sensitive amp-voiced drive & unique multi-voice Tilt Boost
  • Shawn Tubbs’ signature pedal, who developed his signature sound over 30+ years doing sessions in L.A. & Nashville + touring with Grammy Award-winning artists
  • Over 1 year of R&D, 10 revisions, & prototype shootouts with world-class artists & engineers
  • The first Revv Signature Series pedal – from scratch designs to bring a guitarist’s unique tone to life
  • Drive Circuit w/ treble, bass, level, & gain controls
  • Tilt Boost w/ boost & Tilt EQ controls + 3-voice tight switch
  • All-analog design powered by 9-12v 35mA (center negative external supply only)
  • Top jacks & silent relay switching
  • Charcoal blue powder-coated metallic finish w/ custom graphic & laser-etched Shawn Tubbs signature
  • Dimensions: L- 4.275”, W- 4.375”, H- 2”
  • Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Made in Canada
  • 2 year limited warranty upon registration
  • Manual, velvet bag, Shawn Tubbs pick, sticker, & more included in box
  • Tutorials available on Revv’s YouTube channel or contact Revv directly with any questions
  • Shawn Tubbs has spent over 30 years developing his signature sound while working on sessions in L.A. &  Nashville & touring with Grammy Award-winning artists. Not only does he always have to have the right tone for the part – he’s experienced the greatest vintage amplifiers & recorded guitar tones in history firsthand. When it came time for a signature pedal, he knew it would have to get you a record-ready tone fast & sound unlike anything else out there to combine his favorite sounds of all time & achieve his dream tone.

    Collaboration is key to Revv’s design process for all products, but a signature pedal took Revv President & Head Designer Dan Trudeau’s R&D process to new heights. While his experience in amp circuitry & ear for mix-ready tones comes through in the Tilt Overdrive, the real mission was bringing the tone in Shawn’s head into reality… & doing it with an all-new completely from-scratch design. Over 10 revisions, 1 year, & Shawn traveling to Revv’s Canadian workshop to shoot out the prototypes in the studio with pro artists & audio engineers led to a finished product that exceeded all expectations.

    All Revv gear is manufactured in Canada to tour-ready quality standards & fine tuned with the input of world-class artists & engineers with a focus on killer mix-ready amp sounds. When you buy a Revv you know you’re getting great tone built like a tank. The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive pushes this further & ushers in a new era of Revv as the first pedal in the all-new Signature Series. Tone tools developed from scratch devoted to bringing an artist’s vision to life. This allows for exploration of completely new sonic territory & designs that are fresh & help guitarists find their own sound.

    “Years ago I developed our Purple Channel because that’s the sound in my head. But what I’ve since found to be the most rewarding is working with guitarists to figure out what the sound in their head is. Everyone has a dream tone, but most of us have a hard time describing exactly what that is. So really digging in with Shawn to bring his vision to life & create a new sound separate from the legacy of our Generator & Dynamis amplifier was a dream come true. While my experience as an engineer & the way my ears search for a sound that fits the mix comes across in the Tilt Overdrive, it really came down to listening to & iterating on what Shawn has been searching for his entire life. He was even very clear from the beginning that he did not want to base his pedal on any of the staple ‘session guy’ pedals that are popular in his genres – so it really was a from-scratch endeavor for the both of us with only an end-goal in mind. The feel & sound of an idealized cranked vintage amp – a combination of all of Shawn’s favorites through the years – & a very cool tilt boost that wound up being a cornerstone of the design in my opinion! We sent so many revisions back & forth & Shawn even flew out to Canada multiple times for testing with me in the shop & at local studios with some engineer & artist buddies. By the end we both just couldn’t be more happy. I think when you play Shawn’s pedal all of the focus & passion we put into it will really come across & hopefully put a big smile on your face like it does for us!”

    Dan Trudeau, President & Head Designer Revv Amplification Inc

    “Our goal from day one was to develop the exact tone in my head. I’ve been on so many different gigs that I know exactly what I need to perform. Cutting through the mix with the right mids, great feel that cleans up with your hands & the volume knob, a killer boost to kick in & just make everything sound better. We had to combine that practicality with realizing my dream tone I’ve always wanted. Every time I’ve played an incredible vintage amp I’d get so inspired & then think about how to tweak it to suit my playing style. That’s what went into this pedal. It’s all my favorite tones combined into one simple box. What we stumbled on along the way though was just how expressive this pedal is. I remember hearing killer blues players in the studio testing the final prototype, or even metal cats in the Revv shop checking it out, & everyone sounded so unique. Like the best version of their own personal style. If you want to have my tone, well here it is in this pedal. But what’s most important is that I think this pedal might help you sound like yourself.”

    Shawn Tubbs