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Rio Grande Dirty Harry Bridge Pickup for Strat

Rio Grande

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 Dirty Harry -

Do you feel lucky?

Rio Grande proudly offers a replacement pickup for Strats that is guaranteed to make your day.

With six adjustable pole pieces, the new "Dirty Harry" is designed to emulate the sound of a P-90*. But know your limitations; because it's so powerful it could blow your head clean off. Not only is it powerful, but clear and full with a nice crispy edge. The Dirty Harry will fatten up your tone with natural sustain and quick response and with the adjustable pole pieces you to tweak the poles to balance your strings.

Do you feel lucky?

Well do ya?

Dirty Harry Jr. -

Like Rio Grande Dirty Harry, the Dirty Harry Jr emulates the tonal characteristics of a P-90 pickup. With a bit less output, it is recommended for the neck & middle positions in a 3 pickup set with the Dirty Harry model in the Bridge position.