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Rio Grande Pickups Dual Calibrated Set for Strat Muy Grande bridge/Halfbreed middle/Tallboy neck (DCSSW - White)

Rio Grande

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Rio Grande Pickups Dual Calibrated Set for Strat

Muy Grande (bridge) - A powerful replacement for the modern and vintage type pickup, the Muy Grande offers an overall beefier sound with plenty of front end drive... not mush... It is like getting #11 added to your volume knob! 

Halfbreed (middle) - The perfect combination . . . the best of both worlds! Vintage Tallboy meets Muy Grande. Rio Grande took one of each, put 'em in a blender, then into the oven and out popped the Halfbreed! More juice than a Tallboy but not quite as much power as the Muy Grande, the Halfbreed is the ideal mix of their two popular single coils. Will accept a standard pickup cover with slight modification.

Vintage Tallboy (neck) - Rio Grande's most popular pickup, this non stag model offers enhanced replication of the good old tone casters. Not all Strats have that sound. From over 25 years of vintage guitar collecting, dealing, and repairs, comes the knowledge of which have the tone and why. Lots of other pickup companies know how to make a hot pickup, not many know tone from Diddley! Available in regular.