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Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker Assembly VTTWS

Rio Grande

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The Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker Set VTTWS from Rio Grande satisfies a major need for guitarists who own Teles* or Tele style guitars, but want more versatility. The Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker gives you plenty of that without sacrificing the total "Twang" required by today's country, blues, rock, and other purveyors of twang! With a push/pull pot or mini toggle, a huge humbucking sound can be achieved which will rival, if not blow away, most other 'buckers out there. In addition, in the straight single coil Tele mode, you get the super enhanced tones of Rio Grande's Vintage Tallboy Tele replacement pickup. Custom Made Nickel Plated Bridge is included.

VTTWB Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker Bridge 15 Alnico 5
VTTWN Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker Neck 14 Alnico 5