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Roger Mayer Voodoo-Bass Distortion Pedal

Roger Mayer

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The Roger Mayer Voodoo-Bass is so named because it adds a gutsier bass equalization to the Voodoo 1distortion sound. This enables players who favor single coil pickups to reproduce quite effortlessly the rounded, bluesy sound of classic pickups such as the Gibson P90. The comprehensive Gain and Tone variation provided by the Voodoo-Bass enable a very wide range of distortion sounds to be created from the compressed, just clipped sustain of traditional Chicago Blue to the sweet scream of full tube overload. This pedal also works very well with Bass Guitar as an increasing number of bass player are rediscovering the joys of adding both compression and distortion to their sound.

Electronically the Voodoo-Bass share all the same features but the equalization sections have been altered to provide a completely different set of tones.

The new Voodoo-Bass housing features both Hard Wire and Dual Buffered Outputs plus easy battery access.

EXTERNAL POWER ADAPTER / SUPPLY: An external AC adapter (not supplied) can be used and access is through a standard DC power jack ( 2.1mm center pin ) situated next to the jack sockets. Internal onboard filtering ensures that optimum low noise performance is maintained and diode protection provides peace of mind in case of polarity setting mistakes.

Connection protocol: It uses the standard negative center pin connection protocol used by many leading manufacturers.

Specifications: 9 volt DC. Regulated output is recommended.

Current rating: 50mA or more