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Screwed Circuitz LiQuIdDrOnE ReD EdItIoN

Screwed Circuitz

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Screwed Circuitz LiQuIdDrOnE ReD EdItIoN

Conceived, created and built for the true artist at heart. This light sensitive 3 oscillator drone machine is the ultimate creative escape. One tunable square wave ranging from low frequency oscillations to inaudible highs. Added to the mix, two tunable light sensitive shape shifting oscillators armed with 8 sensors each for a total of 16 sensors creating unique drone tones. Great for sampling, performances with effects or feed it through your modular synths.

Do your thing!

Kassia's acrylic technique and Dan's sound makes this synth a work of art. Each enclosure is unique making them a truly personalised synthesizer!

9v dc any polarity. Just plug and play.

For interesting results, play under a desk lamp shadowing the sensors with your hands and enjoy!


Added features from our original LiQuIdDrOnE

Interrupting audio input 1/8”

Adjust the volume of your source for some enjoyable chaotic crunch.

Hard switch

Select between smooth and harsh tone.

Actual pedal may differ from this stock picture to some degree.