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Screwed Circuitz Programmable Tremolo

Screwed Circuitz

Screwed Circuitz Programmable Tremolo

Programmable Tremolo

The programmable tremolo is a reversible pedal, meaning that “IN” can be “OUT”, and the “OUTS” can be “INS”. Here’s how. Read on, my friend…


  1. Set toggle switch to the ‘off’ position.

  2. Press ‘start’.

  3. Tap ‘steps’ to create a rhythmic pattern/sequence while adjusting the rate knob for the panning in stereo, bleed in tremolo or rhythmic pattern for the stereo in/mono out mode.

  4. Press ‘start’ and test out your pattern/sequence with the instrument (s) of your choice. The sequence will play in an endless loop.

  5. If you need to adjust the speed of your loop, bring the toggle switch to the ‘on’ position and control the speed/rate with rate knob.

  6. If you want to create a new pattern, make sure the toggle switch is at the ‘off’ position, press clear or start and repeat steps 1 through 5.

This pedal is based on simplicity, ease of use, cool features and most importantly, fun! Quick and easy. No digital screens with menus, no long-winded instructions, nothing to distract you from what’s truly important. Creativity and inspiration!

4 ways to go IN through the OUT door and OUT through the IN door:

  1. Mono (IN) / Mono (OUT): Create interesting patterns of tremolo. Adjust the bleed for each step using the rate knob to create different patterns instead of the common on/off.

  2. Mono (IN) / Stereo (OUT): Create unique patterns of auto-panning sending the left and right channels into different effects, amps, etc.

  3. Stereo (IN) / Mono (OUT): Use 2 different instruments, slice and dice at any rate to create interesting patterned sounds.

  4. Right channel of the stereo (IN) / Left channel of the stereo (OUT) or the other way around. Chop your sound coming in and slice it up going out!

  5. To create abstract sound/noise add your pedals in a feedback loop. Chose any in/out for your feedback loop. Plug the remaining channel into your sound card, amp or mixer and create a sequence to generate noise. Then loop it!!

The LED indicator will help you visualise what you are creating. Our Programmable Tremolo also has a bypass.

Use any 9v polarity to make your life easier.

No save function for now so make sure to record your performance!