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Seymour Duncan 7-String Pegasus Bridge Passive Mount 11102-95-P-BLK-7str

Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan 7-String Pegasus Bridge Pasive Mount 11102-95-P-BLK-7str

Seymour Duncan 7-String Pegasus Bridge Passive Mount 11102-95-P-BLK-7str

The 7-String Pegasus is a medium output, articulate, bridge pickup created specifically for progressive metal players with extended range guitars.


The Pegasus was originally built for 7 and 8 string guitars. Rather than modifying a 6-string pickup to work with extended range guitars, we started from scratch and built the Pegasus on a whole new platform. It incorporates an alnico 5 bar magnet and custom winding specs. The goal was to deliver a warm, balanced, responsive, and lush tone for progressive metal. Its a harmonically rich pickup with a prominent midrange, and a focused low end. The high resonant peak makes for a sparkly top end and an incredible bloom on chords in high-gain situations. Its a great pickup for both live playing, and recording. The responsive and accurate pick attack ensures that you will cut through any live mix, and will have tight-tracking transients in a studio environment. Because the Pegasus is a moderate output pickup, it works as well for clean tones as it does for distorted tones. This passive humbucker comes in choice of a standard open-coil look or black metal humbucker cover, both in a classic passive mount that easily fits in any guitar with traditional routing. We also make it in a standard active mount size with a black soapbar cover with one row of exposed poles for a modern look.Pair with the Sentient neck pickup for the ultimate prog metal sound and versatilityHand built in our Santa Barbara, CA factory, the Pegasus uses an alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

  • DCR:14.9