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Seymour Duncan AJB-5S Active 5-string Set 11405-06

Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan AJB-5S Active 5-string Set 11405-06

For those looking to move to an active J pickup configuration, this is the place to begin. The neck pickup blends definition and punch in one powerful pickup with a brilliant response and clarity to a low B. Blend this pickup with the bridge model for the complete package and a new tonal palette for your 5-string.

A fully discrete, ultra quiet, 9-volt preamp delivers low impedance output with excellent dynamic range. These pickups use blades instead of individual pole pieces, and so they can be used for both 4-string and 5-string Jazz Basses. They will accommodate string spacings up to 3.10″ (78.7mm) for bridge pickup and 3.00″ (76.2mm) for neck pickup.

NOTE: these are traditional sized 5-string Jazz Bass pickups and will not retrofit Fender Jazz V models. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, our Active 5-String Jazz Bass pickups use a ceramic bar magnet, and come with a 3-conductor lead wire.

DCR:  Neck: 6.40, Bridge: 8.00

Magnet: Ceramic
Cable: 2c Shielded
Type: Active