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Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickup for Telecaster Single Coil Precision Bass® (#11044-13)

Seymour Duncan

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This single coil pickup is a replica of the ones found in the early "Telecaster®" single coil P-Bass®. It has four alnico magnets for the traditional sound. Each coil is wound with plain enamel magnet wire and protected with wax coated string. Hookup wire is the classic "push back" cloth braid wire.




top pickup length: 2.875
top pickup width: 0.770
bottom pickup length: 3.332
bottom pickup width: 1.00
total pickup height: .625
total magnet height: .625
winding direction top coming
magnet polarity: south
calibrated: calibrated
pickup cover length: Not applicable. Wrapped in vintage string.
pickup cover width:
pickup cover height:
height adjustment: screwed into body cavity
magnet pattern: raised top and bottom
DC Ohms: 7.30K
inductance: 2.83 henries
Q: 2.43