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Seymour Duncan SHPR-2b P-Rails Hot Bridge

Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan SHPR-2b P-Rails Hot Bridge

A hotter, more aggressive version of our P-Rails humbucker with alnico 8 bar magnets for added punch.


If you like the original P-Rails, but wanted an even hotter bridge pickup, this is the one for you. Wound for maximum output, and combined with a pair of alnico 8 bar magnets, this pickup is a versatile beast. You get all of the versatility of the original P-Rail, but with a more aggressive output. Use with a 3-way mini-switch to access the split coil options, or combine with our Triple Shot switching mounting ring to unlock all of the possibilities.Use with our original P-Rails neck model for the ultimate versatile setup.Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the P-Rails humbucker uses a pair of alnico 5 bar magnets, comes with a 4-conductor leadwire for all of the wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free operation.

  • DCR:22.4