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Seymour Duncan SLSD-1 George Lynch Little Screamin' Demon Pickup for Stratocaster

Seymour Duncan

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 Like its big brother the George Lynch Screamin' Demon™ humbucker, the Seymour Duncan SLSD-1 is a  li'l savage that combines a big, open sound with just a subtle hint of glass in a direct replacement humbucker for Strat® guitars. George asked for a pickup that could scream and provide rich harmonics, but would clean up when he backed it off. Using a unique slotted and Allen head screw combination that gives each coil a slightly different magnetic field, the tone is big and percussive without being too harsh. U.S. Patent No. Des. 355,207.



Hum Canceling Neck Bridge Magnet Output
Neck Bridge Tone Guide
Brief Description
Li'l Screamin' Demon Yes 9.72k 13.35k Ceramic Bar 4.6khz 4.5khz Big, open sound with just a touch of "glass."