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Seymour Duncan SP90-1 Vintage Soapbar

Seymour Duncan

 Unlike other single-coil P-90s, the Seymour Duncan P-90 Stack is a true humbucker in a P-90 package. Using Duncan's patented Stack® technology together with adjustable pole pieces, the guitarist can now obtain great P-90 tone in a studio-quiet pickup. The bridge model has an even response with extra added punch for lead work. The neck model is designed so that its volume is balanced with the bridge model and its tone has just the right amount of bass.



Hum Canceling Neck Bridge Magnet Output
Neck Bridge Tone Guide
Brief Description
Vintage Soapbar (P-90) No 8.22k 9.35k Alnico 5 bar 4.3khz 3.8khz Pre '57 Les Paul Junior sound.