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Seymour Duncan SSL52-1 Five-Two Pickup for Stratocaster

Seymour Duncan

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 The Seymour Duncan Five-Two for Stratocaster is an extremely balanced true single-coil pickup. It is recommended for country, pop, blues, classic rock and heavy rock.

Alnico 2 magnets provide warmth and softer attack on the three high strings. Alnico 5 magnets provide punch and brightness on the low strings. It’s like having two separate presence controls: one optimized for the high strings and one for the low strings. The result is a very balanced pickup with a bright and springy bottom end, and a smooth and rich top end. Includes white cover.

Seymour Duncan utilizes Alnico V magnets on the three low strings. This adds more definition and punch to the bottom end. Alnico II magnets are used on the three high strings. This gives the player a warm and smooth top end without sacrificing tone.

The result is an all-around, extremely well-balanced Strat replacement pickup. The Custom Bridge version is wound slightly hotter to give you better output balance since there's less string excursion over the bridge pickup.