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Seymour Duncan STK-S4 Classic Stack Plus

Seymour Duncan

 The Seymour Duncan Classic Stack Plus is the ultimate advancement in the quest for hum-free Strat tone. The top coil is similar to a traditional Strat pickup coil. This, together with the symmetrically staggered, sand-cast, Alnico 5 pole pieces, delivers very authentic, traditional Strat chime. The top coil is shielded with proprietary flux transfer plates which intercept most of the hum and inject it into the much smaller bottom coil, which cancels any residual hum left in the top coil. The top coil gets the tone. The bottom coil kills the hum.

In addition to the unique, patent-pending design, Seymour Duncan uses a device called a Helmholtz coil to calibrate each individual Stack Plus pickup for maximum hum cancellation. This type of testing and calibration, in addition to the unique magnetic structure of the Stack Plus system, allows it to achieve extraordinarily low levels of 60-cycle hum.

The result is all the traditional chime and quack from your Stratocaster, but without the annoying hum. Note that the Stack Plus is .995 (25.27mm) tall, which makes it .175 (4.45mm) taller than a vintage pickup for Strat guitars. Each Stack Plus is hand made and tested in Seymour Duncan's Santa Barbara factory and includes mounting hardware and wiring instructions.

Three-conductor cable allows splitting for true single coil mode. When three STK-S4s are all split, the middle pickup is RW/RP allowing hum-cancellation when used with the neck or bridge pickup.

Designed for all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

The patent applied for design removes hum and preserves traditional single coil tone. Recommended for country, pop, surf, rockabilly, blues, ska and classic rock.

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Hum Canceling

DC Resistance

Magnet Resonant Peak Cable


Neck Middle Bridge Neck Middle Bridge
Stack Plus Yes 9.62 k 9.75 k 10.36 k Alnico V Rods 5.70 khz 5.45 khz 5.20khz 3-Con. Shielded