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Seymour Duncan STL52-1 Five-Two Lead Pickup for Telecaster

Seymour Duncan

Sold out.

 Here's how the Five-Two concept works: Seymour Duncan utilizes sand cast alnico 5 magnets on the three low strings. This adds more definition and punch to the bottom end. Seymour uses sand cast alnico 2 magnets on the three high strings. This gives the player a warm and smooth top end without sacrificing that great Tele® "twang." Tele® players often complain that their low strings sound "mushy" and their high strings are too bright - especially in the bridge position. The Five-Two concept counteracts this phenomenon. If you look closely at the pickup, you can actually see the difference between the two magnet types.

The result is an all-around, extremely well-balanced pickup. The Five-Two has traditional output and vintage appointments such as vulcanized fiber bobbins, formvar wire, a vintage magnet stagger and waxed cloth hookup cable.


Magnet Alnico II & V Rods*
D.C. Resistance 7.5K
Resonant Peak 5.7KHz
E.Q. 5/4/7 Low/Mid/High
Cable Single Conductor Cloth
Output Moderate