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Skreddy Pedals General Pig

Skreddy Pedals

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Skreddy pedals General Pig

The Skreddy Pedals™ General Pig is based on the circa 1976 "rams head" Big Muff Pi*. It represents the latest breakthrough in my on-going efforts to produce a Gilmour-like sound in a small package at an affordable price.

The gain is slightly lower than that of the P19, which not only permits it to have less filtering and thus render a clearer tone but also helps the General Pig work well with humbucker-equipped guitars without having to roll back the volume!

* The term "Big Muff Pi" is only being used for comparison and is owned by our lovely friends at Electro-Harmonix who invented the circuit and built its worthy reputation.

Sustain and power yet retaining nuance and transparency

This pig will fit your high-gain needs and reward your search for "that" tone. It responds to your playing dynamics and is adaptable to many musical styles.

A fuzz that has plenty of sustain while still retaining great string articulation, this pedal lets your own playing technique and guitar's tone shine through.



Regular 9v negative ground, no special power requirements. 9v battery is not included. If you use a battery, then remember to un-plug the input cable from the pedal’s input jack when not in use to prevent draining (or you can also just plug in a power-supply, which disconnects the battery).

You may supply external power through an AC adapter. All Skreddy Pedals accept the industry-standard 9v DC plug (5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax), negative tip. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered power supply.