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Skreddy Pedals P19 Fuzz

Skreddy Pedals

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Skreddy Pedals™ P19 Fuzz:

Specifically tuned to the sound of a block-buster 1979 album (okay, it's "The Wall") and emulates the "magic" 70's era fuzz pedal that was somehow clear and articulate on high notes while still fuzzy and aggressive on low notes, without excessive low-end muffiness or high-end fizz.  The mids are scooped just enough to keep it from sounding congested, the lows are rolled off just enough to keep it from sounding wooly or boomy, and the highs are gentle, present, and well balanced.

Its clarity will encourage you to dig in and express yourself; it's not an overwhelming "wall of fuzz" type effect.

A wide variety of aggressive and clear-sounding applications, particularly excelling in sustaining, biting, legato lead work

High Gain, Low-Noise, and Dialed In

You can have a flat setting with a subtle, barely-there scoop or "pinch" to the mids Or you can flick the switch to hump for more juiciness, fullness, and fatness.

Creamy yet cutting, sustaining yet dynamic, fuzzy yet clear; the P19 will help your guitar solos take flight.