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Source Audio True Spring SA247 w/Tap Tempo Switch SA167

Source Audio

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Source Audio True Spring w/Tap Tempo Switch

Product # SA247 w/SA167 Tap Switch

Product Description:
The True Spring Reverb revisits and reimagines the timeless combination of spring reverb and tremolo. The Source Audio engineering team put years of collective man-hours into capturing every nuance and idiosyncrasy of the spring reverb and tremolo effects from some of the music gear industry’s most iconic guitar amps and outboard gear.
The True Spring comes in a compact and durable brushed aluminum housing with stereo inputs and outputs, external expression and tap tempo control, and six preset positions. When combined with the Neuro Hub, the True Spring also features full MIDI functionality.
Dialing in a wide selection of gorgeous reverb and tremolo tones is simple right out of the box, but the True Spring also offers a far deeper set of editing abilities and unique routing options when connected to the Neuro Desktop Editor or Neuro Mobile App. Use the Neuro Editor to create highly customized presets, then save, store, and share them with the rest of the growing Neuro Community.
One Series True Spring Reverb Features & Specifications
•Three Flavors of Spring Reverb – Select either the Short or Long engines for spring reverb tonesinspired by iconic combo amps, or the Tank engine for a “drippy” sound inspired by tube drivenoutboard spring tanks.
•Three Styles of Tremolo – Combine any of the spring reverb effects with any of the True Spring’sthree styles of tremolo. Tremolo effects include Opto, Bias, and Harmonic.
•Two Modes of Operation – Use the pedal in Standard Mode for a classic (non-preset) stompboxexperience or turn on Preset Mode and save a user preset (including reverb/tremolo effects andknob positions) to each of the three toggle switch positions.
•Flexible Stereo Routing – The True Spring is equally at home in a mono or stereo rig. The pedal’sstereo inputs and outputs offer a variety of routing options such as Stereo to Stereo, Mono to Mono,Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo Sum-to-Mono and External Loop Mode.
•Compact Design – The durable, anodized aluminum housing has a small footprint and sturdyhardware that withstands the rigors of the road.
•Universal BypassTM – Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.
•Neuro Technology – The Neuro Mobile App (iOS and Android) and Neuro Desktop Editor (Mac andWindows) open up new possibilities for the True Spring, including deep effects editing, advancedsignal routing, and access to the Neuro Community. Create customized presets that can be named andsaved to the cloud. True Spring presets can made private or shared publically with other members ofthe Neuro Community.
•MIDI Control – Connect the True Spring to the Neuro Hub and access up to 128 presets with MIDIProgram Change (PC) messages. Control any of the pedal’s parameters with MIDI ContinuousController (CC) messages or assign tremolo modulation speed with MIDI Clock.
•USB Port - Class compliant USB-MIDI allows the True Spring to work as a plug-and-play device withrecording software running on Mac and Windows. The USB port offers connectivity to the NeuroDesktop Editor providing access to deep editing possibilities and pedal firmware updates.
•Expression Control — Connect the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal, or the Reflex UniversalExpression Controller via the 1/8” Control Input port for simultaneous expression control of up tothree parameters.
•External Tap Switch – Use the Source Audio Tap Switch create a dedicated tremolo ON/OFF switch,or use to tap in the tremolo rate with a choice of four different beat divisions (quarter, eighth, triplet,and sixteenth).
•External Tremolo Engage and Bypass – Use the Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch to engage ordisengage tremolo effects on top of an already engaged spring reverb.
•Brushed anodized aluminum housing. Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2in./5.1cm (including knobs).
•Includes 9v DC power supply - 300mA / Negative tip / Pedal draws 165mA.