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Subdecay Vocawah Vowel Shift Tuner


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Unlike most animals we humans have the ability to communicate with complex language. Complex language made possible with our ability to voice a wide array of sounds. The Vocawah captures the essence of our ability to articulate vowel sounds by using two parallel filters.

Subdecay Vocawah Vowel Shift Tuner

Like other envelope filters, the Vocawah uses your playing dynamics to modulate two filters. The parallel filters modulate in opposite directions. This creates a more intense and emotive effect than your typical wah or filter pedal. This is similar to running two wah pedals like Stevie Ray Vaughan did in parts of “Say What.”  No need to sit down and use both feet to rock the wahs. The Vocawah does all work for you. 

Analog design

An all Analog design offers advantages for resonant filters in terms of headroom, dynamic range and resolution. Sure, digital audio has come a long way since it’s early use in guitar effects, but this is one area where we feel analog is superior. Even the analog imperfections make filters sound more emotive instead of robotic and compressed.


The Vocawah is super easy to dial in. The knob ranges and filter sweep are tuned to work well with guitar or bass, single coils or humbuckers.

  • Manual- Manually sets the opening (or frequency) of each filter.
  • Depth- Adjusts the sensitivity of filter modulation.
  • Band-pass / Low-pass switch- Sets filter voicing. Low-pass retains lower frequencies which is often useful with bass guitar. Band-pass setting typically works better with guitar, particularly when used with overdrive.