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T-Rex Bass Juice Distortion Pedal for Bass Players


Sold out.

In normal mode (boost function off) it delivers awesome sustain with rich creamy overtones and big bottom. Engage the boost function and you are in fuzztone heaven!

The mix knob let's you blend just the right amount of distortion with your original clear tone.

Remember that Jamiroquai sound, where it sounds like the bass kicks the paper off the speakers. The BassJuice can do that - and many other things.

T-Rex pedals are handcrafted in Denmark.


  • True Hardwire Bypass
  • On/off switch
  • Boost switch, gain distortion (Works only with the pedal on)
  • Gain knob (Controls overall distortion)
  • Level knob (Controls master volume)
  • Tone knob (Adjusts a broad range of frequencies and provides great tonal control)
  • Mix knob (Blends dry/overdriven signal)
  • 9 volt battery operation or DC adapter
  • Bomb-proof aluminum housing