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T-Rex Dr. Swamp Distortion Pedal


The T-Rex Dr.Swamp is a double distortion pedal. It has that rich vintage sound, T-Rex is known for. In addition to the warm crunchy sound, this pedal gives a lot of steady bottom. The Dr. Swamp was developed in response to a number of requests for a great sounding distortion unit like the Mudhoney, but one that would allow the player to switch from one preset gain setting to another by simply stepping on a footswitch. T-Rex decided to go another step and voice the Gain2 setting on the Dr. Swamp more like a classic "British Stack" with a tight low end response, rather than a fuzz like the Mudhoney (where the boost switch engages a fuzz setting). The volume control is unity gain in the 12 o'clock position and provides up to 15 dB boost in the maximum position.

Approximate Dimensions: 4" wide x 4.75" deep x 1.5" high

T-Rex pedals are handcrafted in Denmark.


  • The GAIN A knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch A.
  • The GAIN B knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch B.
  • The LEVEL knob sets the overall volume. In mid-position (twelve o’clock) the volume level is 1:1. When turned full over (clockwise) the input signal is boosted 15dB.
  • The TONE knob affects the top end (edge) of your signal without compromising sonic quality, allowing you to dial in the perfect tonal flavor for you taste.




  • INPUT-Jack 6,3 mm.
  • OUTPUT-Jack 6,3 mm.
  • DC-Jack 2 mm. pin.

Power supply: 9-12V DC or battery 9V Alkaline.

Effect usage: 20 milli Amperes

Changing the battery

Open the battery-cover on the back using a flat-tipped screwdriver in the slot. Remember to position the battery correctly.