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Taurus Abigar Multidrive MK II


Taurus Abigar Multidrive MK II

Smaller, lighter and now 9VDC. The Taurus MK2 series of pedals have been redesigned to better fit your pedal board and your budget.

The Taurus Abigar MK2 Bass Drive provides an unprecedented range of bass drive – from gentle murmur up to extreme mad bull low, mixed with diesel like engine sounds.

Taurus' dynamic "Drive" delivers the full range of sound and attack even with the most distorted settings. The ABIGAR MK2 creates easily the warm sound of tube amplifier to an extreme modern drive and lots of sounds in between.

The Taurus Multi Drive is recommended for bass and guitar.

Product Details

Character mix from vintage and modern
Gain drive level control
Level boost control
Bass bass level control
Treble treble level control
Power Supply external power supply 9V/100mA
Dimensions (HxWxD) 65x96x144mm
Weight 0.5kgs
Switching True Bypass
Model Abigar Bass Drive MK2