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Taurus Dexter MK II Octaver


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Taurus Dexter MK II Octaver

Smaller, lighter and now 9VDC. The Taurus MK2 series of pedals have been redesigned to better fit your pedal board and your budget.

The most natural-sounding, best tracking, Octave pedal ever made! Other polyphonic Octave pedals sound cold and synthetic; Dexter delivers multiple-Octave voices, with amazing tracking, while leaving the character of your Guitar/Bass intact! Bass notes can be made to sound dark and menacing, while even the highest notes are "Chipmunk-Free."

The Dexter is a polyphonic OCTAVER which allows transposing an original note of one octave up and down. Both octaves can be used separately, mixed together as well as mixed with the original notes.

The 24-bit high quality DSP is responsible for polyphony of the effect. Each octave is controlled by two potentiometers: Level & Range. Thanks to them, unwanted tones which sometimes occurs in octaves can be eliminated e.g. blurred clarity of sound or extensively altered sound of the instrument.

The bandwidth range potentiometers give great precision, flexibility and freedom in shaping the sound of the instrument.

The Taurus Dexter MK2 guitar effects pedal works great on both bass and guitar.