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Thermion Black Sun Rotophaser


Thermion Black Sun Rotophaser

Can you remember the rotophaser sounds of all the artists who influenced your tone? They are all in Black Sun.

Black Sun is the analog rotophaser capable of recreating the most classic rotary speaker sound, the tone of your favorite Seattle scene artists or bringing your tone to the most experimental ground.

Thanks to the total control over its oscillator, its two-band equalizer, the tap tempo function and its two configurable speeds and transitions, Black Sun is the analog rotophaser that will add the most complex atmospheres and textures to your tone palette.

If you want an analog, robust, versatile rotophaser, capable of covering both classic and experimental tones, get a Black Sun.

EQ controls: Drum (Bass), Horns (Treble).
Oscillator controls: Waveform, Cycle (duty cycle), Depth (modulation depth).
Tempo controls: Speed G/R (green and red oscillation speeds), Shift G/R (green and red transition times), Multiplier (figure multiplier for the oscillation rate).
True Bypass.
Tap tempo mode (Tap desired rotation speed) and Speed mode (Shifts between Green and Red oscillation speeds).

You will like it if you are looking for a versatile, exclusive effect with unique tone. You like classic rotary speaker sounds. You like experimental phaser sounds. You want a rotophaser effect with tap tempo options and two configurable speeds. You want an effect capable of creating distinguishable atmospheric effects.

Technical specifications


Horns, Drum (EQ controls).
Speed G, Shift G (green speed controls).
Speed R, Shift R (red speed controls).
Multiplier, Waveform, Cycle, Depth (oscillator controls).
Standard pedal power: 9V ‘center negative’ 2.1mm DC jack
Polarity inversion
AC connection
Momentary Overvoltage
True Bypass.
Tap Tempo.
Two speeds with programmable transitions.
Treble and bass controls.
Total control over the oscillator.
Anodized metal printing for maximum durability.
Wired, soldered and built by hand according to our quality standards.
Max current consumption
Input >1MΩ
Output <1kΩ
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (WxHxD) 15.5x12x5.7cm
Weight 702gr