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Thermion Gasoline Distortion


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Thermion Gasoline Distortion

Can you imagine the ultimate tool that transforms any guitar and amplifier into a Rock and Metal machine? Stop imagining. Here’s Gasoline.

Gasoline is the tool that will make you set aside all your old distortion effects and preamps. Genuine American High Gain boutique sound with unprecedented versatility and tons of gain, made to reach every style from rock to the most extreme metal.

Satisfying the most exquisite ears, Gasoline is built by hand one by one using the highest quality components and adjusting each gain stage, so that the sound is perfect in every unit.

Equipped with SE2 technology, it can be used to record through any audio interface. Just open your favorite DAW and load the impulse responses, exclusively designed for Gasoline, to turn it into a multitude of High Gain amplifiers that will take your recordings to the next level.

If you want a robust, versatile and exclusive distortion, get your Gasoline.

Three bands EQ: Bass, Mid, Treble.
Two bands extreme EQ: Presence, Deep.
Gain and volume.
Three modes swtich: Modern, Raw, Vintage.

You are looking for a versatile, exclusive effect with really unique tone. A distortion that sounds good on virtually any amplifier. A heavy distortion, able to reach even the most extreme styles. A pedal with great sustain and compression for your guitar solos. A distortion that sounds defined even at the highest gain settings.