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ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud BC108 Sparkle Edition

Thorpy FX

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ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud BC108 Sparkle Edition

The Thorpy FX Fallout Cloud BC108 Sparkle Edition offers more than just a fetching limited candy orange sherbet finish, it also comes outfitted with NOS BC108 transistors, putting a silky vintage tonal spin on this venerable fuzz circuit. The transistor change doesn’t affect the fundamental essence of the Fallout Cloud, so much as it just gives the player a different range of sonic realms in which to push its characteristic heft, articulation, and sustain. This is especially noticeable in the lower gain settings, where the BC108 voice truly transforms it into a completely different animal – mellower, smoother, with a subtle but distinct vintage sag. And like the original Fallout Cloud, it’s great with bass and other low frequency instruments. Roll back the bass control and the low end tightens up into a formidably taut gut punch.

In the words of Thorpy:

Why the BC108 Fallout Cloud? Well initially I wanted to do a special run colour, a candy orange sherbet finish for pumpkin spice latte season…. But here’s the thing, as much as I love the limited edition colour and knob choice, I’m never satisfied with anything and so I got to experimenting…

And that’s why we are here, the change in the transistors keeps the fundamentals of the Fallout in place, the same flexibility, same strong EQ and at extremes of gain it maintains the same articulation. But at lower gain settings it is a different beast entirely. Somehow the BC108 NOS transistor version is calmer at low gain settings. It has slightly more sag, and feels smoother under the fingers. It’s a subtle change but for those after a Fallout Cloud that sits more in the vintage camp… here you are, for a short, limited time only.