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Tortuga Effects Atomic Squatch

Tortuga Effects

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Tortuga Effects Atomic Squatch

Germanium + Silicon Fuzz

The Atomic Squatch™ is the most massive, aggressive and huge sounding ‘Squatch model I’ve made to date. Based on my original Sasquatch™ Germanium model, the Atomic Squatch™ adds another layer of tone perfectly matching a Silicon transistor with one of the original Germaniums. The result is a perfect mix of the warmth and unpredictability of the Germanium transistor and the attack and aggression of the Silicon. It’s thick, it’s wooly and it screams like no other. Like its ‘Squatch predecessors, the Atomic Squatch™ also features my signature ‘Make Him Mad’ setting that allows you to tap into the Atomic Squatch’s freak-out mode which produces gain, feedback and overtones like you’ve never heard before. You can even manipulate the pitch and growl of the feedback with the controls on your guitar. 

Please note, the "Make Him Mad" button does not work independently...only when the "Find Him" button is engaged.