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Truetone GarageTone Drivetrain Overdrive


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Truetone GarageTone Drivetrain Overdrive

Originally designed by Bob Weil in cooperation with Joe Naylor for Reverend Guitars back in 2000, the Reverend Drivetrain has become somewhat of a legend. Now, Truetone (formerly Visual Sound) has repackaged and updated the Drivetrain II as part of the GarageTone series of pedals, but at a price that any working musician can easily afford. With separate Bass and Treble controls, the GarageTone Drivetrain is one of the best sounding and most versatile overdrive pedals around.

Dimensions: 3.2″ Wide x 4.75″ Long (81x120mm)

Current Draw: 11-19mA

Note: All dimensions are approximate maximum dimensions. Current draw is shown from bypass to effect on.