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TV Jones Power'Tron Universal Mount

TV Jones

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TV Jones Power'Tron Universal Mount
The Power’Tron was born out of our desire to create a pickup with a stronger midrange presence and higher output than our TV Classic. Wound with more standard magnet wire. As much as a PAF-style humbucker.

Bridge: Single treble notes are reproduced with a fuller tone, while bass notes twang out deep and clear. Overall, the tone is remarkably close t a 1950's PAF Humbucker, but blended with the zing and twang of a Filter'Tron – narrower bobbin aperture (than a humbucker) produces tighter bass, and more clarity.
DC Resistance: 7.8K | Inductance: 4.75H

Neck: Standard bobbins over-wound with standard-gauge magnet wire. The resulting tone is slightly darker and hotter than a TV Classic.
DC Resistance: 5.0K | Inductance: 2.24K

A rounder top -end, and natural mid-range presence. Dynamic and boisterous when you dig in. Clean, compressed treble. Good string to string separation.
​​Note: Shipped with 4 conductor wiring – ready for standard 2 conductor hook-up. Red and green wires are soldered and taped off for standard wiring - send red and green wires to ground for splitting coils.  Also convenient for custom switching. Example: where coils from other pickups are combined in series, or parallel.