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TV Jones Filtertron Plus Universal Mount FTP-UVCHM

TV Jones

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TV Jones Filtertron Plus Plus Universal Mount FTP-UVCHM

Midrange Attitude

Tom's favorite! Great choice if you desire a bridge pickup with more punch. This bridge position only pickup is wound with thinner magnet wire, giving you rounder top-end, and slightly more output. The TV Classic Plus is like a vintage Filter’Tron pickup but with extra attitude. Highly recommended for solid body guitars.

Bridge: Features two standard bobbins wound with thinner magnet wire and with wider pole-to-pole spacing to provide a good balance of output and clarity.
DC Resistance: 7.8K | Inductance: 2.83H

Similar to a TV Classic™ bridge but with rounder top-end.

Likeness/Derived from:
TV Classic™ bridge

Note: Available in bridge position only.
Note: Shipped with 4 conductor wiring – ready for standard 2 conductor hook-up. Red and green wires are soldered and taped off for standard wiring - send red and green wires to ground for splitting coils.  Also convenient for custom switching. Example: where coils from other pickups are combined in series, or parallel.