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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC

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 The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC is a pedalboard power supply designed to operate high current AC powered pedal effects. Finally a professional solution for powering tube overdrives, modeling pedals or devices. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC is for use only with devices that require AC power. The device you're trying to power should be clearly marked as needing 9VAC or 12VAC. If it isn't, you need to verify its power requirements. Attempting to power a DC operated device with an AC power source can cause permanent damage!!! (Most guitar pedals use DC current. For those kinds of devices, you may wish to look at the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2.


The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC has four outputs and six output jacks. These accept barrel type connectors and have a 2.5 mm center pin.

The two individual 9VAC outputs on the left will provide up to 600mA each.

The two pairs of jacks on the right will provide up to 1200mA each at either 9VAC or 12 VAC. Select the correct voltage by using the corresponding jack. You can't use both 9VAC and 12VAC from the same pair at the same time. It won't work. Don't even try.


Two different cable types are provided with the Pedal Power AC. The most common type has red connectors on both ends. The other type has red and black connectors.

Red connectors are 2.5 mm center and black are 2.1mm. Connect red ends to the Pedal Power AC.

Most AC powered devices will also use the red 2.5mm plus; however a few use black 2.1mm (the industry standard is to use 2.5mm for AC and 2.1mm for DC).

Since the red plug has a hole to accommodate the 2.5mm pin, it will also fit over the smaller 2.1mm. Don't do this! It will appear to work, but since the connectors do not mate snugly, the connections will be unreliable.

How can you tell which to use? Try the smaller black end first. If it fits, use it. If it doesn't, use a red one.

Power Reqirements

Generally, the power requirement marked on the device matches the manufacturer's supplied adapter. This does not indicate the actual current used, only the maximum available from the adapter. Often the same adapter is used for many different products.

For example, the Line 6 modeling pedals are marked 1200mA. In fact, all models as of this writing draw less than 200mA.

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  • Input: IEC connector
  • 120V 60Hz (North America)
  • Outputs: 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors
    Two 9VAC at 600mA
    Two selectable 9/12VAC at 1200mA
    Short circuit and overcurrent protected
  • Selectable between 9V@80mA and 12.2V
  • Physical: 6" wide x 3.4" deep x 1.75" tall (152x86x45mm)
  • Weight 2 lbs. (0.9 kg)
  • Special: Toroidal power transformer
  • Auxiliary AC outlet, 200 watts max
  • Voodoo Lab Warranty: 5 years

Product description and specifications subject to change without notice.