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Z. Vex Inventobox (Zvex) Fully assembled with Fuzz Factory™, tone stack, and SHO™ modules


Sold out.

 ZVEX Inventobox Fully assembled All pedals are hand painted and hand assembled, and each is unique. The pedal you purchase may vary in appearance from this stock photo.


Ever want to build your own pedal, but weren't interested in the soldering, drilling, painting, and all of the assembly needed to make one from scratch?
The Z.Vex Effects Inventobox™ is a unique new product which allows you to quickly design, build and/or modify your own pedals without soldering! The Inventobox™ comes with two different channels so you can build either one or two different devices into the same box. All of the necessary components are included to make it easy for you... there's a variety of potentiometer values and switches all ready inside the box, quickly accessible through tiny sockets which accept standard experimenter socket wires or included cables. The unit is easily opened by hand to make fast modifications to the circuitry.