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ZVEX Channel 2 Boost


Sold out.

Your Channel 2 has two knobs, one
controlling Master Volume and the other
controlling Gain, which sweeps from
unity to +24dB. Connect a music
equipment power supply of 9VDC,
center negative, to the power jack for
use. There is no battery in your Channel 2. The Gain control adjusts
both the gain and DC bias on the MOSFET transistor at the same
time, causing a rushing noise when adjusted. This is normal. At low
gains, your Channel 2 has an input impedance of 5 Million ohms,
giving your guitar a very sparkly texture when plugging directly in,
with no other pedals or tuner between. This will clear up even the
longest, dullest-sounding guitar cord.
With the Master turned up, the Channel 2 is exactly the same as our
famous Super Hard-On pedal! With the Master Volume turned down,
the Gain can be used to create clear, natural sounding distortion. Or,
if you prefer to overdrive your favorite amp, leave the Master up and
let 'er rip!
Your Channel 2 has a 1 year warranty. Please register your purchase
with repairs@zvex.com and contact us there if you have any trouble.
Your Channel 2 draws less than 10mA.