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Digitech Cabdryvr


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Digitech Cabdryvr

The new DigiTech CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Simulator pedal features a selection of 14 all new great sounding guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses. Now you can run direct from your pedal board or preamp through the CabDryVR to your mixing board, in-ear monitors or DAW and get high quality cabinet emulation without the need for a real cabinet.  

The CabDryVR features dual inputs and outputs, one of which has an optional dry path that can run to your on stage amp input. The CabDryVR Cabinet Tuning™ Size control was developed for the venerated GNX Series and morphs the resonant peak of the cabinet to create custom cab sizes and tones. Individual output level controls let you balance each cabinet’s volume in the mix.

The CabDryVR uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.

Note that the CabDryVR is a cabinet and speaker simulator, it does not emulate an amplifier.  Some adjustments may be necessary to your gain structure and boost usage when using the CabDryVR.  Also for a more "cab in a room" sound, try runnning a reverb like the DigiTech Polara after the CabDryVR, for more routing and usage suggestions see the online manual below.

Included Items:

  • CabDryVR Dual Cabinet Emulator Pedal
  • StompLock™ - This unique new device fits snugly over the Nautila's control knobs to protect your finely-tuned settings from drops, bumps and kicks that inevitably take place when you perform.
  • Die cut Hook-and-loop Pedalboard Pad - This is a high-density mounting pad for stick and stay, semi-permanent mounting of the CabDryVR on pedalboards. It is also easily unmounted for pedalboard reconfiguration.
  • Online Warranty Registration Information Card
  • Features

    • Studio Quality Guitar and Bass Cabinet Impulse Responses in a Pedal
    • 7 Guitar and 7 Bass Cabinets that can be mixed and tuned (14 cabinets total)
    • Dual Inputs and Outputs with separate cabinets on each
    • Cabinet B features an analog dry output for connecting directly to an amp input or amp FX Return
    • Output Clip indicator LED
    • Mono In/Dual Cabinet Out
    • Compact Size with Soft Click Vacuum-Style Footswitch
    • True Bypass circuitry preserves your tone when the pedal is not in use
    • High-Voltage operation for uncompromised signal quality

    Guitar Cabinets
    Cab 1 - Vintage American 2x12"
    Cab 2 - Vintage British 2x12"
    Cab 3 - British Green Slant 4x12"
    Cab 4 - British Straight 4x12"
    Cab 5 - Heavy American 4x12"
    Cab 6 - Smooth Custom 4x12"
    Cab 7 - Small Combo 1x8"

    Bass Cabinets
    Cab 1 - Flexy 1x15"
    Cab 2 - Basic 1x15"
    Cab 3 - Big Blue  1x18"
    Cab 4 - AmeriTweed 4x10"
    Cab 5 - Gold Diamond 4x10"
    Cab 6 - Vintage Fridge 8x10"
    Cab 7 - Blonde Basement 2x12"