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Mooer Micro Buffer


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Mooer Micro Biuffer

The Mooer Micro Buffer delivers accurate copy of the input signal frequency and removal of unconventional signal frequency, which perfectly output the original signal to the next pedal, thus obtaining the original musical sound.

The Micro Buffer is equipped with a high-cut & low-cut switch and a boost knob, making the Micro Buffer features richer and easier to use.

  • Low Cut Frequency: 140Hz
  • High Cut Frequency: 4. 5kHz
Low cut switch Low cut @ 140Hz
High cut switch High cut @ 4. 5kHz
Boost boost control
Power Supply external power supply 9V (center minus plug)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 93.5 x 38 x 49.5mm
Weight 160g
Switching True Bypass
Model Mooer Audio Micro Buffer